Team reviewing BI reports

Let’s tell a story with your data!

With anywhere from 10-20 years experience, our SQL data analysts are creative problem solvers that specialize in customizing hands-on training engagements that are relevant to your business, current skill level, and desired outcomes.

Whether you just want some one-on-one SQL query training in your environment with your data, or you want a focused, group-training approach for your new BI project, we’ve got you covered.

Here is what makes us different:

  • We LOVE learning about your data and sharing our passion for technology.
  • We take the time to analyze your business goals, data, and organizational capacity to manage a data warehouse solution going forward.
  • We make our services affordable so we are accessible to smaller organizations that are just starting out with BI or without the resources to support an existing solution.
  • We work remotely and/or onsite to meet the specific team dynamic needed for a project.
  • We empower you to own your data solution going forward, but are always there to help if needed.

Our training responsibilities:

  1. Assess training needs, current environment, and current skill level
  2. Develop a training strategy based on schedule and budget requirements
  3. Engage in remote or on-site training
  4. Provide documentation of complex issues when needed
  5. Be available as a resource after training

Current Status: Available

Learning how to make your data tell stories with tools like SQL Server and Power BI is easy and fun!

So, let’s chat and get you on the schedule!