Are you ready to leverage the unique power of data warehousing, business intelligence, and reporting in SQL Server 2016? Take advantage of a powerful database platform and use cutting edge tools such as Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Servers (SSAS), Reporting Services (SSRS), Master Data Services (MDS), R scripting, Excel, PowerBI, and more!

We would love to help.

We participate in all sorts of consulting engagements to make sure you get the most out of the SQL Server 2016 BI stack. The following are a few examples of consulting engagements that we do on a regular basis:

  • BI Project Scoping
    We help you determine if the SQL Server 2016 BI stack is right for your organization in terms of data volumes, reporting requirements, budget, and staff competency. Our goal is to help you build it right the first time so you have a world class analytics platform going forward.
  • BI Proof-of-Concept
    Typically a 2-3 month consulting engagement, we help build out your entire BI platform from start to finish with a subset of your data using the SQL Server 2016 BI stack. This allows you to understand performance implications, get you familiar with all of the tool capabilities, and help you digest the development life-cycle as we cover everything from source control to documentation. We like to see the nature of this consulting agreement to be very collaborative, almost like a training session. Typically our clients will be able to use the proof-of-concept platform going forward as their BI solution and expand upon it as necessary. See what possibilities exist when you use this powerful technology with best practices designed for your specific project.
    Note: This style of consulting engagement is very popular so make sure you get in touch with us soon if you have time constraints.
  • BI Project Rescue
    Started off on the wrong foot? Had an FTE exodus? Is everything just broken and not working?
    Let us jump in and get things going in the right direction, ensuring stability in the future.
  • Dedicated BI Project Resources
    Don’t want to hire an FTE and hope they have the right skill set and experience?
    Let us join your team in the appropriate capacity to make things go smoothly and ensure project success.
  • SQL Server Virtual Machine Hosting and Setup
    Let us size and design your SQL database server architecture and set you up with world-class virtual servers that allow you to scale up or down with the click of a mouse.

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