From internal syndication to customer-facing reports, it’s important to deliver a consistent look and feel and be thoughtful about the visual details of storytelling with data. We can help you establish a branding style for your reports using best practices and ensure that your metrics are not only interpreted correctly, but delivered in a way that makes them actionable. Let’s create something bold that speaks to your audience and fosters a proactive environment of change.

Case Study: Tell your story with data

You can generate thousands of spreadsheets, reports, and data alerts, but do they have a consistent and effective voice? Is the data displayed in a way makes the complete picture clear, or does it leave the viewer wanting more? Here are a few activities we can assist with to help your organization make the most out of data:

  • Enterprise dashboard design
  • Report template development: logos, color palette, standardized layouts, visual governance
  • Data visualization best practices
  • Business Intelligence portal usability and layout
  • Editorial services to develop a consistent voice
  • General graphic design services

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