Sometimes getting from point A to point B requires that you invent something. Avoid turning a journey like this into an expensive engagement with a software development firm and let us offer creative solutions you can manage yourself for a quick win. Our team has developed many reusable application frameworks that can be quickly adapted to your business, allowing productivity to flourish.

Case Study: Developing Affordable Applications to Make Businesses Efficient

Many organizations find themselves pushed into a tight spot between the choice of ignoring glaring problems or purchasing expensive software and consulting that may fix the problem. Realizing that this type of problem is quite prolific in the business world, we developed simplified application development platforms and framework that we leverage to solve your exact problem. Don’t pay for software that does a does a dozen things when only one of those things is useful to your business. Here are a few examples of custom applications we quickly developed:

  • A custom web site content management system (CMS) that pulled product related content from an external product management database for simplified editorial content development
  • A mobile/web based data entry platform for the collection of qualitative and quantitative agricultural data
  • A member directory application for multi-organization use and specific syndication mediums
  • An industry specific hospitality lead management and customer acquisition system
  • A line-of-business application that duplicates only essential functionality from an expensive enterprise software suite
  • A custom content management system for a web site allowing frequent, simple updates

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